My mum sent me a ready-mix packet of Briyani spice from Maggi some time ago. I left off making it coz briyani is usually made with lamb and I do not have lamb at home. Well, I forgot about it and the due date has passed. Hmm.. now what.. ok, I’m not throwing it. I had some streaky porkchop pieces in the freezer. I used them then.

Ready-mix spices are so easy. Just follow the instructions and voila.. ready!! 😉

Yes, the briyani was good, albeit the rice was a little too wet (too much water). I have problems getting it right with “cup” measurements.

Anyway, we ate the pork briyani with some homegrown tomatoes.

Did you notice that the meals I have been making so far come with tomatoes? We had a good summer with lots of tomatoes growing on our 3 little plants in the garden. 🙂

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