Must be wondering why I uploaded 4 posts today and not consistently of at least 1 a day.

Well, I was a little occupied with building up my farm at Farmville on Facebook. Was tagged by a few friends some time ago but never really checked it out until about 7 days ago. I was seriously hooked from the beginning and was constantly on Facebook to check on the progress and procuring of animals, veg plots and fruit trees to build-up and occupy my farm. It’s going on nicely.. 🙂

I had also been spending a lot of time reading JD Robb’s Eve Dallas series online. I started about 2 years ago and read the series from 1-25. A few weeks ago, I downloaded series 26 to 34 but am still missing 33 which I can wait a little while. I’ve finished re-reading 22-25, reading 26-27 and am now reading 28. It’s a sort of homicide detective with romance mixed in. I quite enjoy reading the Eve Dallas series.

JD Robb is actually Nora Roberts. Nora Roberts writes romance/family ties and I do read her romance books as well.

I’m actually more of a fantasy series reader but am at the moment trying to read other types of book.

Well, I’m an avid reader and always have a book or magazine in my hands. I can do that now coz I’m jobless and also having problems with my legs, being in constant pain (I’m going now to an accupunturist/doctor and accupunture has been real helpful against the pain)..

I’m rambling.. Will stop here..

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