My sister, Mei Leng, cooked my mum’s version of Hokkien Mee for me during one of her earlier visits coz I missed it so very much. The type of fat noodles required aren’t found here, so I used the nearest type I can find. It’s a little thinner and flater. Dunster likes it very much too, so when I make it (which is about once a month), I always make extra helpings.  🙂

My version is made with the flat egg noodles and fine beehoon (rice vermicelli).

Ingredients: (forgot to take measurements – another time, then)

pork, sliced thinly; prawns; fishballs, sliced; garlic, minced; mustard green, cut into 5cm long pcs; dark soysauce; light soysauce; caramel sauce; oyster sauce; water; pepper powder; sunflower oil

fresh egg noodle; beehoon soaked for 15 mins in cold water


    Heat wok with some oil. Put in pork with garlic, stirfry till pork is cooked. Put in prawns and fishballs, stirfry for abt 3 mins. Then put in all the soysauces and sauces, stir for a min, add water. When it starts to bubble, put in mustard green (or any kind of veg you like). Stir for another min, put in noodles and beehoon. Put in a few dashes pepper, let it all bubble away for 5 or so mins.

Eaten on its own or with sambal belacan.  Hmm..  🙂

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