When I first moved to the Netherlands in 2001, my parents-in-law gave me a sewing machine. Just a little 2nd hand one but it was working. Only thing was that I had problems remembering how I was supposed to thread it. My mum-in-law showed me many times and my mum had no problems with it when she visited us, but I couldn’t do it, just couldn’t. I broke several needles, the thread kept on getting stuck or breaking off or when I finally got the thread properly inserted, the sewing wasn’t good.

Finally, after looking around for more than a year, Blokker was selling the Toyota Sewing Machine at Euro89.95 (Advice price: Euro 199.00) and I was so happy coz everytime I saw a sewing machine that I liked, it was too expensive.

I bought my Toyota Sewing Machine a few days ago.. Happiness is… 😀

I didn’t have any problems with threading the machine – it was in 3 easy steps, the spool thread was also easy to insert, it has 18 different sewing types, it can do jeans too. It even has a little compartment to store extra accessories (bottom left of the machine). I’m very glad I bought it.. 😀

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