We love all kinds of German sausages and hams.

This is one of the so many that we like and one of the so many that we bought home from our recent trips to Ahaus and Hannover, Germany.

We had the sausages with cabbage mash potatoes, which the dutch would call “Stamppot”. 🙂

Cook sausages on low heat, turning them occasionally till they’re brown all over. It took about 10 mins coz we wanted to be sure that the middle section’s also cooked.. 🙂 The finely sliced cabbage were cooked with some finely sliced carrots, a little minced garlic, chilli flakes and fish bouillon. Make the potato mash (add some milk and butter) and then fold the cooked cabbage into the mash.

Delicious with some meat jus.. 🙂

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