We live near the harbour city of Hoorn on the Ijssel Lake and during the summer, we love to go browsing at the Saturday morning market and then windowshopping in the old city centre. It was a nice sunny day, though a little windy when we were in Hoorn. As we were heading towards the shopping street, we noticed that one of the shops was having a clearance sale; everything’s going at 30% discount. In we walked, and what did I notice.. Coloured Knives!! 🙂

Ever since I saw Junior Masterchef Australia when I was in Malaysia recently, I’ve wanted to own at least 1 coloured knife and my excitement when I saw that there are 2 different types of coloured knives – Santoku and Utility – and there were 7 different colours I could choose from. The other attraction was the 30% discount on them.. 😀

So here they are – my new lovely, colourful, very sharp knives.

Blue has ever been my favourite colour, so that was what I chose.. I gave Dunster the choice to choose the 2nd colour and he chose orange..
The blue one is called the Santoku knife; according to the label, it has grooves on the blades where what you are cutting or slicing won’t stick to the blade. The orange one is called the Utility knife; for cutting small miscellaneous food. The grip on the knives are really good; soft to the touch and doesn’t slip when wet.

Since buying them, I’ve used the orange utility knife to cut some strawberries. I’m pleased with them; they cut clean and smoothly. It’s very sharp and pleasing to the eye – great..

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