We had Hainanese Chicken Rice one evening. It was made easy by using PrimaTaste’s Hainanese Chicken Rice Ready-to-Cook Sauce Kit. It was by chance that I’d 1st just tried their Chicken Rice Premix. I found that it was pretty decent and when I found the whole kit for making a whole meal from it, I bought it without haste. I was really happy when I found this kit.. šŸ˜›

Ingredients in the Kit:

  • Hainanese Chicken Premix,
  • Hainanese Chicken Rice Fragrant Oil,
  • Sesame Soya Sauce Oil,
  • Chilli Sauce,
  • Ginger Sauce and
  • Dark Soya Sauce.

Ingredients to Add:

  • 1.5 kg whole chicken, skin and bone onĀ  (I used chicken thighs)
  • 2.5l waterĀ  (I used 2.2l)
  • 500g rice
  • sliced cucumber and/or tomatoes, optional, to serve with
  • soft bean curd or shredded lettuce coriander leaves or chopped spring onions, optional, for soup

Preparation for Chicken and Stock:

  1. Fill stock pot with water and add Hainanese Chicken Rice Premix. Bring to boil on high heat.
  2. Gentry lower chicken (with its back facing up) into stock and ensure that chicken is totally covered with stock. Once it comes to a boil again, lower heat and simmer gently for 30 mins.
  3. Remove chicken from stock and chill in ice water for 15 mins. Drain well.
  4. Set aside chicken and stock.

Preparation for Rice:

  1. Wash rice and drain well. Mix rice and Hainanese Chicken Rice Fragrance Oil in rice cooker.
  2. Add 610ml chicken stockĀ  and mix well.
  3. Cook in rice cooker. Stir it gently after 5 mins and continue cooking.
  4. When cooked, fluff rice gently with chopsticks or a fork (while loosening rice, avoid scraping bottom of rice cooker).
  5. Cover rice cooker and set at “Keep Warm” setting for 10-15 mins.

To Serve:

  1. Without opening, place Sesame Soya Sauce Oil packet in a pot of boiling water for 2 mins.
  2. Remove from heat, open packet and pour into a condiment bowl. Set aside at room temperature.
  3. Chop whole chicken into parts. Arrange on a platter, over a bed of sliced cucumber or tomatoes. Pour Sesame Soya Sauce Oil over chicken. Garnish with coriander leaves.
  4. Serve warm rice in individual bowls or plates.Ā  (I served ours on a plate with a bowl of chicken soup separately.)
  5. In separate condiment bowls, serve Chilli Sauce, Chicken Rice Ginger Sauce and Chicken Rice Dark Soya Sauce as dips.


  • For tender juicy chicken, buy chicken pullet. May also substitute whole chicken with chicken legs or breasts. Cooking time mayvary with different chicken parts.
  • Thai long grain rice is recommended.

Primataste is a Singaporean brand which I found was quite good and authentic. It was easy to prepare and almost all the ingredients are already in the Kit. Would I nake it again? Yes, I would..

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