We wouldn’t have chosen to purchase/buy an electric egg cooker, by choice coz yes.. how difficult is it to have boiled/cooked eggs using a pot with some water and cooking the eggs for a few mins on the stove top?? Well, we didn’t know any better till we had our Electric Egg Cooker  & Mini Steamer more than 4 years ago with some free hotel points..

It can hold from between 1-6 eggs; fully automatic, adjustable for number of eggs and desired hardness and it comes with special rack for changing appliance into food steamer. It has an indication light, warning signal for when food’s ready and measuring cup.

Since then, we had been using it almost every Saturday or whenever we needed to boil/cook some eggs without having to keep a watch on them – only wait for it to beep when eggs are ready. We’re quite satisfied with it coz it’s really handy and easy to use.. 🙂

Photo from the website..
( Size: L18xH14xW10cm )


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