Well, PrimaTaste Mee Siam‘s another mealkit. It’s not a paid promotion or anything like that except that I appreciate a good and complete mealkit and am willing to try. If it’s good, it goes into my webjournal; if it’s really horrible, it still comes into my webjournal but as a reminder to myself not to get the same again..  🙂

The mealkit comes complete with soupbase, rice vermicelli saucebase, lime juice and sambal chilli. We just have to add rice vermicelli and the accompanying ingredients. It was suggested that we can add hardboiled eggs, ku-chye (or chinese spinach or mustard green), fried tofu puff (taufoopok).. We had some grilled chicken slices, hardboiled eggs, some cooked prawns, taufoopok and some fishballs.

Dunster enjoyed it a lot, coz he loves spicy sour and sweet whereas I found it to be a little on the sweet side – both de sauce and accompanying sambal chilli..

Overall, I would say it was good.. I would suggest that we use freshly squeezed lime juice next time.. 🙂


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