Harvested our 1st batch of baby Choi Sum (or Chinese Mustard Green) yesterday. This is the 1st time we’ve planted an Asian vegetable. I’ve always bought it when we do manage to go to the nearest Chinese supermarket, which is like once in 2-3 months.. Too long, too long – so I bought some seeds when I was back in Malaysia for a visit this year..

Wikipedia explains:

Choy sum or choi sum (Chinese: ??) literally means “vegetable heart” in Cantonese. While frequently used to describe edible stem of either of the two varieties of Chinese cabbage, usually the soft inner core of bok choy with the tougher outer leaves removed, the term can be applied to the “heart”–the soft core or flowering stem–of almost any vegetable such as kai-lan, including non-traditionally East Asian greens such as broccoli.

Used all of them to make a side dish for dinner..

All the choisum are carefully washed several times to rid of soil and all unwanted, then torn into large pieces. Put in a microwave-safe dish with lid. Add a big handful of frozen mixed seafood, a tsp knorr anchovies powder and a few big dashes of sesame oil. In the microwave at 750Wt for 3 mins, remove and give it a good stir, back into the microwave for another 3 mins. I added a small fresh red chilli but it’s optional.

We had our Homegrown Choi Sum with Mixed Seafood with some white rice and grilled chicken slices.. yummsss..

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