Yes, they’re in a set of books I’ve been following and reading without being able to put them down till I finished them. It was quite difficult waiting for the next book to be published. So I’d read the books all over again.. 🙂

The Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series..

and the Mary Gentry Series..

They’re books written by Laurell K. Hamilton..

I started reading the Anita Blake and Mary Gentry series several year ago (can’t remember when) and I’ve been collecting since.. I’ve got 28 of them and 1 new book’s just arrived yesterday..

I love reading fantasy-scifi novels but Laurell K. Hamilton’s books are more; fantasy, love, relationships, sexual, and the “fantasies” that many dream of but never follow.. 🙂

These are Other Works and Comics by her as well..

of which I don’t collect but might do in the future..


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