A good friend of mine managed to get for me abt 2kgs of softbone pork for a very good price. I made abt 300g of it into broth, which was then turned into Dried Scallop, Dried Oyster & Softbone Pork Porridge. It’s one of my comfort food on cold winterdays and when I’m feeling a little down..
This is my mama’s recipe.. 🙂


  • 1 cup jasmine or any kind of long grain rice
  • 300g softbone pork (or pork ribs)
  • 3 pcs large dried scallops
  • 4 pcs large dried oysters
  • 1 tbsp garlic paste
  • 1 heaped tbsp ginger paste
  • 1 tbsp sesame seed oil
  • a handful of mixed chopped spring onions n shallots



    Serves 4
    Prep time ±30 mins
    Cook time ±2.5 hrs
    Total time ±3 hrs
total time


  1. Wash rice several times and then soak rice in clean water till required.
  2. Trim fat and sinew from softbone pork (or ribs). Then wash and sprinkle 1 tsp salt on pork and leave to marinate for abt 10-15 mins.
  3. At the meantime, soak dried scallops and dried oysters in hot water for abt 15-20 mins. Drain but keep water to be used later. Chop soaked and softened dried scallops and dried oysters into small pcs. Put aside.
  4. Wash and drain pork. Put in a 3 litre pot and add 1 litre water. Boil on medium heat for at least 30 mins, skimming scum away when necessary.
  5. After 30 mins, add rice and its soaking water into pot of boiling broth. Add another 1.5litres boiling water to pot.
  6. Also add dried scallops, dried oysters and garlic paste, carefully pour in their soaking water as well but leaving behind all de tiny wastes.
  7. Let it all come to the boil and then simmer on low heat. Cover with lid slightly and let it simmer for at least 60-75 mins. Stir occasionally so that rice don’t stick to bottom of pot.
  8. Rice will become broken and quite smooth, add some more boiling water if it’s not so.
  9. 10 mins before porridge’s ready, add mixed onions and sesame seed oil, some salt and pepper to taste.
  10. Serve warm with some Chinese fried dough (joutiu), if it’s available.

It’s a regular in my life, altho Dunster won’t ever touch it coz of some not so nice experience with Dutch porridge when he was younger. He’s never tried my salty rice version but I’m very positive that once he tried it, he’ll love it as much as me. After 12 years together, I’m still trying to convince him and I haven’t succeeded yet..

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