Pulled Pork‘s easily made with the slowcooker; prepared early and no need to be present to check on it, just leave to cook on its own. Great on breadrolls with some salad leaves; delish eaten warm or at room temperature. The recipe from Jessica, a girlfriend of mine and it’s really easy with very few ingredients, that’s why I like it.. 🙂

Pulled Pork 1


  • 900-1200g pork tenderloin or shoulder of pork, trimmed of fat
  • 1 large onion, peeled, quartered and sliced
  • 225ml honey BBQ sauce (or any kind of BBQ sauce)
  • 225ml regular coca cola
  • some salt and ground black pepper, to taste



    Serves 6-8
    Prep time 10 mins
    Cook time 6-8 hrs
    Total time ±8 hrs
total time


  1. Prepare slowcooker or crockpot.
  2. Put in sliced onion, then put pork on top of onions.
  3. Add in BBQ sauce and cola.
  4. Cover and set slowcooker or crockpot to cook on high for ±6-8 hours.
  5. Remove pork and shred it finely with 2 forks. Return shredded pork to slowcooker or crockpot and add some salt and pepper, to taste.
  6. Stir to mix evenly and serve on breadrolls or tortilla wraps or even pita bread with some shredded lettuce.

Pulled Pork 3

Freezes very well in small containers for another time. Defrost completely in fridge and warm up before serving again.

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