Hi, I’m Chai Leng, a Malaysian-Chinese married to a Dutch since 2001 and currently living in the Netherlands.

This is a sort of online scrapbook or journal where I can put my thoughts together; mostly with recipes coz I always enjoy testing out interesting and lovely looking food found on foodblogs or cookbooks. Or just what I’ve sort of made using whatever ingredients I can find in my pantry, fridge or freezer. This would also be a good place to safe my vegetable patch ideas, with gardening tips, etc. I might keep pictures of cooking or baking accessories and “toys” bought for my domestic experiments. Maybe keep a library of the books that I enjoy reading and what I’ve read so that I don’t buy the same again!!

Nothing special to anyone, except me.. And if anyone visits me (I mean, my blog) and tries my recipes and likes it, please do let me know.. Even if it doesn’t taste exactly right, I’d always appreciate comments.. 🙂

Just me,
Chai Leng