About Me

Hi, I’m Chai Leng, a Malaysian-Chinese married to a Dutch since 2001 and currently living in the Netherlands. This is a sort of online scrapbook or journal where I can put my thoughts together; mostly with recipes coz I always enjoy testing out interesting and lovely looking food found on foodblogs or cookbooks. This would also be a good place to safe my vegetable patch ideas, with gardening tips, etc. I might keep pictures of cooking or baking accessories and “toys” bought for my doemstic experiments. Maybe keep a library of the books that I enjoy reading and what I’ve read so that I don’t buy the same again!!

Nothing special to anyone.. :-)
except just me,
Chai Leng

Getting in touch...

Drop me a line or call me if you feel so inclined! E-mail is always the fastest way, as I can check mine almost anywhere at anytime...